About Us

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FutureBound IT are pioneering ‘the IT revolution’; the days of break/fix IT support are dead and gone – in these demanding economical times, we understand that as a small to medium enterprise in the UK, you need more! In the old days of IT support, you had a problem, you called out you IT company, they fixed it and sent you the bill – simple, right? …but there is one BIG problem with that model – your IT company are making profit from your downtime! A counter-productive relationship like that is the reason the IT industry has a bad reputation in many business owners eyes. Here at FutureBound IT Services, we do things a little differently – we believe that you should only be paying for your IT systems when they work – when they fail, your losing time, money and productivity. With managed IT services from FutureBound IT, when your losing time, money and productivity, so are we. So its in our mutual interest to ensure your IT and telecommunications systems are up and running when you need them – 24/7/365! With a mutually beneficial business model for both service provider (us!) and client (you!) – we are building the foundations for a long and successful business relationship.

Harry Newman

Founder, CEO

John Andrews

Finance Director


Emma Maskins

Customer Services Manager


Jordan Langsdale

Technical Director


Our Mission

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