Hosted Desktop Solutions

What is a Hosted Desktop?

We offer three types of Hosted Desktop:

Hosted Desktop “BUSINESS”
Built on Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services technology, the standard “Business” Hosted Desktop meets most business user’s everyday needs. Enabling policy secured access to company applications and data.

Ideal for standard users of office and line-of-business applications.
Hosted Desktop “PROFESSIONAL”
The “Professional” Hosted Desktop uses Citrix XenApp technology to deliver a superior performance on slow connections or when using data-intensive applications such as processing of video or large graphics.

Ideal for mobile users requiring access to their applications from mutiple devices.
Hosted Desktop “ENTERPRISE”
The “Enterprise” Hosted Desktop utilises Citrix XenDesktop technology for far superior performance. In addition, the user has exclusive and complete access to the operating system

The desktop of choice for developers and power users.

All hosted desktop accounts include a user “personal” storage drive in the cloud, plus access to a shared company drive. The shared company drive dispenses with the need for a separate file server for document storage.

How will I keep control of my Hosted Desktops?

At the heart of this cloud infrastructure is a web-based control panel – your designated administrator will be given access to this, so that he or she can perform many everyday tasks such as:

  • Add or remove users
  • Assign services to users, or remove services that are no longer wanted
  • Change or reset passwords


Or if you prefer, FutureBound IT will manage your cloud administration for you completely! Simply drop us an email or use the contact section of the customers area to request quick and efficient management of your service desk requests by our Network Operations centre.

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