Hosted Server Solutions

Hosted Server Solutions

To compliment your Hosted Desktops, your Cloud Service can include the following:

  • Microsoft Exchange Mail – the industry standard email service
  • Microsoft SharePoint – for collaboration, document management and deployment of intranets and web content
  • Microsoft CRM Dynamics – powerful and highly configurable Customer Relationship Management
  • A catalogue of popular office applications – Microsoft Word, Excel etc.
  • Virtual Servers for your own applications – can be “internal” (operating within your user authentication system) or “external” stand-alone servers

If you have applications not in our catalogue that you want to include on your desktops, these can probably be virtualised for use in your cloud – ask us.

Need something slightly different!?

Most users find that they can achieve everything they need by use of our standard products and services.

However some organisations will have particular concerns, which may need to be addressed by variations on the standard configuration – for example:

  • Dedicated private servers
  • Special security requirements
  • Bespoke software integration

All the benefits of our advanced infrastructure and the control panel will be available to your own set-up. Please contact us for a discussion without obligation.

Single Sign-On Please!

Multiple login names and passwords are the bane of users’ lives – they waste time, and encourage poor security practices such as writing down login details on Post-It notes or sharing them with others.

Our cloud infrastructure is designed around an integrated user authentication system – a user signs on once, and this is “remembered” internally for use by other applications that require login.

But the importance of this authentication system goes much deeper than this.

Modern software products such as Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint and CRM Dynamics are designed to operate together.

With a small amount of configuration effort, very sophisticated results can be achieved – for example viewing of peoples’ Outlook calendars , tasks and contact lists within a SharePoint or CRM Dynamics page.

But for all this software to “play nice” together, special attention has to be given to the underlying cloud architecture.