Internet Connectivity Solutions

Internet presence and connectivity are integral to the success of your organisation. Our portfolio of products and services will give you the performance and flexibility to work more effectively and flexibly than ever before. Managed Internet Connectivity Solutions from FutureBound IT Services are the result of our partnerships with major network operators in the UK. Engineered to provide a genuine choice of connectivity options.

A range of Wide Area Network connectivity options and data centre co-location services provides a robust, high-performance platform for your business applications. With granular control of network traffic , end-to-end QoS to guarantee performance of applications sensitive to latency or jitter and detailed availability and usage reporting, our connectivity services provide the reliability, management and performance you need to support your business-critical applications at an affordable price.

Internet Connectivity Solutions

FutureBound IT’s ADSL2+

ADSL2+ provides the fastest ADSL2+ perfomance available and, designed to support public Internet and private network solutions, combines industry-leading speed with the power and flexibility of the Cerberus ADSL suite of services.

  • Up to 12x faster download than ADSL or SDSL
  • Up to 2.5Mbps upload for hosting, VPN or VoIP
  • Unlimited data transfer included
  • No restrictive contention


FutureBound IT’s ADSL2+ services are delivered over a state-of-the-art dedicated network. No more 50:1 and 20:1 contention ratios, just consistently high performance, even at busy times.

FutureBound IT’s ADSL2+ is also available as a bonded solution using our X2 and X4 products.

FutureBound IT’s X2 and X4 Services

Bonded Services based on Cerberus’ range of ADSL and ADSL2+ services offer higher bandwidth and greater resilience than standalone connections. Using industry-standard MLPPP, X2 and X4 services utilise 2 or 4 individual connections combined into one integrated service to deliver massive bandwidth at affordable prices. X2 and X4 services deliver the following great benefits:

  • Up to 80Mbps downstream and 8Mbps upstream based on Cerberus ADSL2+
  • A fraction of the cost of leased lines
  • Enhanced reliability over single connection
  • Installation in just 5-7 days
  • Internet or private network connectivity


FutureBound IT’s X2 and X4 use standard router equipment and use the Multilink-PPP protocol to provide simple, transparent bonding across all lines. Users are free to provide their own routers or use a leased router provided by FutureBound IT complete with 24x7x365 management and maintenance for complete peace of mind.

Up to 76Mbps FTTC

The fastest broadband you can get over a phone line

  • Up to 10x faster download than standard ADSL
  • Up to 20x faster upload than standard ADSL
  • Available to almost two thirds of UK premises
  • Guaranteed ‘best efforts’ minimum speeds


FutureBound IT’s FTTC provides up to 80Mbps downstream and up to 20Mbps upstream bandwidth – speeds well in excess of conventional ADSL and SDSL, both upstream and downstream, and at a fraction of the cost if costly leased line services.

Built on the latest Fibre-to-the-Cabinet VDSL technology, FutureBound IT’s FTTC delivers outstanding speed and value for home and office users. With a scalable range of usage allowances, you can get tailor your service to your requirements and budget.

Get on-board with the latest revolution in UK broadband, allowing you to take advantage of cloud services and a wealth of Internet content without your connectivity being a bottleneck, even for the most demanding applications.

Business Ethernet First Mile Connectivity

EFM Leased Lines (Ethernet in the First Mile) provides high speed, reliable internet connectivity for businesses who have outgrown traditional broadband, but where fibre-based Ethernet services are still too expensive.

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) delivers flexible data connectivity over a choice of 2 copper pairs (up to 10Mbps) or 4 pairs (up to 20Mbps), with a minimum symmetrical speed guarantee of 2Mbps. It’s an ideal replacement for legacy technologies, some of which are being retired or more expensive leased line services.

Ethernet Services

Ethernet services provide the very best connectivity to your hosted services, your wide area network and the Internet. Using dedicated fibre links ensures very high levels of reliability and performance.

With speeds up from 2Mbps to 1Gbps available nationwide, Cloud Connect Ethernet provides the following benefits over alternate solutions:

  • Symmetric bandwidth up to 1Gbps
  • Choice of bearer circuit of 10Mbps, 100Mbps or 1Gbps
  • Choice of bandwidth over bearer circuits in 10% increments
  • Choice of bandwidth to the Internet up to the bearer bandwidth
  • Minimised latency to your hosted services, wide area network and Internet

Our Cloud Connect Ethernet services are available on 1, 2 or 3 year contracts and available nationwide (subject to survey). We partner with the leading carriers in the UK to guarantee competitive pricing and the widest coverage.

Integrated Management and 24/7 Support

Every Cloud Connect Ethernet service is supplied with a managed Ethernet Demarcation Device (EDD) which is monitored and managed 24/7 by our Technical Operations team. As well as providing a reliable means of monitoring the line availabilityy, the EDD offers management capabilities to allow you to make the most of your service. Optional services available include:

  • Traffic management using multiple QoS profiles to guarantee or restrict traffic as required
  • Multi-tenant support to allow more than one organisation at the same location to utilise the same bearer
  • Private VLAN transport to the cloud or WAN to segregate traffic from site to site, or to the Internet

All Cloud Connect Ethernet services come with NetSTATS line monitoring, alerting and bandwidth reporting as standard.

Whether you require fast, reliable Internet connectivity or a platform for building a wide area network and cloud infrastructure, Cloud Connect Ethernet delivers the very best connectivity available at realistic prices.

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